Selection of pieces that I created with a varity of mediums. More info on request.
Mural Fox_magpie Ripon Road BlueTit Austerity AnimalExtinction AnimalExtinction AnimalExtinction AnimalExtinction cats Lion AnimalExtinction AnimalExtinction giraffe hopeplane Personhope Hand of Fatima Barbican flower Emu Flowers
I have collaborated on a wealth of projects for clients and companies, from digital to print.
Caribbean Hut Aroha Book Cover Voltaware_App AMT RIA Diversity Role Models AMT_Wheel Carino posts logo logo Drago Drums Carino posts
Scarves + more
Handmade items designed and made in England
Mural duck Teal scarf pink Ble scarf Purple Scarf Kiskaee
- A short reel of experiments I done over the years. Directing as well as creating shorts within a studios as well as out doors.

About + Contact
Inspired by current, social ideas through imagery, using symbolism, words, nature, human observations and interpretation.
Drop me a line haffeera@gmail.com or Instagram or Twitter bio